Thursday, June 1, 2017

Featured LAA Auctioneer of the Month - Davis & Associates Auctioneers

Featured Auction of the Month for the LAA
Davis & Associates Auctioneers
Over 25 Years Experience in the Auction Industry and ready to help you  with business liquidations, estates, farm and heavy equipment auctions.

Why join the LAA and Why go to the Convention?

As an active member of the Louisiana Auctioneers Association and an employee of an auction company I often hear, "Why should I join an association and why would I want to go the convention?" My reply is often the same..."Why would you NOT want to join the LAA or NAA?"
Think of the LAA convention as a tool that helps you gain knowledge in your industry, our goal in creating the convention is to help expand your business and contacts. Making it fun and educational for new auctioneers or seasoned vets.
As in life you take away what you put into an experience...go to the convention...join the association.

Jessica Cason
Louisiana Auctioneers Association Member