Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Louisiana Auctioneers Association Blog 9/14/2016 
I hope everyone of our Louisiana auctioneers are doing well, its been a rough month for myself and our auction family at Henderson Auctions. So much devastation and turmoil its just mind blowing. Myself and many other of my fellow Louisiana neighbors are trying to put our lives back together. If you were affected by the August floods please contact me Jessica Cason at

Louisiana Auctioneers Association News:
September Member of the Month - BROWN'S AUCTION AND REALTY CO.
Lafayette, Louisiana
Jacob Brown La Lic#1421​

United Country Brown’s Auction and Reality Co. is a family owned and operated business since 1970, based in southwest Louisiana approximately 8 miles east of Eunice, Louisiana.  Our auction facility sits on 98 acres making it one of the largest auction facilities in the state.

For 38 years, Brown’s Auction Company has conducted auctions of all types for both private parties and municipalities throughout the State of Louisiana.

Brown’s Auction Company recently partnered with the country’s top selling real estate auction franchise, United Country.  Brown’s and United Country now work together in providing services, through a network of experienced real estate and auction professionals, to offer the best option for each individual client.